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The Big Mo

Predict who will: Vote. Buy. Sell. Move House.

The Big Mo. Predict who will: Vote. Buy. Sell. Move House.

Anne Currell

Win more instructions

Anne Currell - Win more instructions.

Ryder & Dutton

Talking about The Outside View.

Talking about The Outside View.

The Outside View

Rob travels to America to explore the world of prediction.

Rob travels to America to explore the world of prediction.





At The Outside View we’ll tell you which houses are most likely to sell in the next 180 days. What does that give you? Just a list of properties. As with any information, what you do with it is what matters. Prediction may be new but talking to customers isn’t. Our most successful customers don’t just send direct mail to the top of the list. They create bespoke email campaigns and talk to these homeowners by phone.



Prediction is nothing without persuasion. Just because we know someone is ‘likely’ to sell their house doesn’t mean they will instruct you. That’s why we’ve spent lots of time researching the best marketing messages. Within the product you’ll find a load of different types of letters which are specific to each homeowner. If you want to find out more about persuasion please watch the enclosed documentary.


You didn’t get into estate agency to lick stamps or fold letters. That’s why we take care of printing for most of our customers. So you spend less time printing and more time selling.

we predict you sell


One advertising executive famously said ‘I know half my marketing works, I just don’t know which half.’ At The Outside View we hope to give you the best tools to track and measure your marketing spend. You can measure how successful our predictions are and also how effective your direct mail campaigns have been. We believe that the more automated your marketing is, the more time you have to sell more properties.

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Zoe Partridge

Business Development

+44(0)207 112 9333

+44(0)7979397928 zoe@theoutsideview.co.uk

Jamie Litherland

Client Services

+44(0)207 112 9333 jamie@theoutsideview.co.uk

17 Willow Street EC24BH


“What intrigued us about The Outside View was the ability to use data to win more instructions and sell more properties.”

Owner and Managing Director of Currell


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